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Maite Round Dining Table American Walnut

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Current price $2,710.00
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Current price $2,710.00
Original price $3,388.00
From Original price $3,388.00
Original price $3,388.00
Finish Color: Clear
Size: 48"
Hardwood Type: Black American Walnut

Ready to ship in 6 to 8 weeks

This is a premium quality table that has been crafted by hand one at a time. This product has no MDF, particle board or plywood, it is made using 100% Premium American Walnut. The table top uses solid 1 3/4” planks that are cut with CNC machinery and then tongued and grooved during the manual assembly process. Every table top is retrofitted by hand to its base using high grade steel bolts. The finish is a 12-step multilayer process that results in a product that looks and feels naturally aged. Expect every single one of these premium tables to have a unique character while offering superb quality.


Diameter Height
48" 30"
54" 30"
60" 30"
72" 30"

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Lead times
Ready to ship to the contiguous U.S. in 6-8 weeks

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California, Nevada, Arizona
Curbside $199
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Curbside $299
White Glove $499

This product does not ship to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii